Captain Montagues

Room Rates

Molly- $150-$175

Edith -$140-$165

Sarah $140-$165

Captain's Quarters $150-$175

Jenny/Anniversary Suite $225-$275

Rates adjusted seasonally

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Our Rooms

Molly's Room
  • 1233
  • 202
  • 28

We'll start the tour of the guestrooms in the Molly Room, located on the first floor. We renamed this room because Molly is a very precious name in our family and it's very Irish as well. With a new name came new décor. The soft lavender, pastel green, and white eyelet give a softness and comfort to this room. This room also offers some flexibility as the bed can be either king-sized or two twin beds. One of the original mantels is located in the Molly Room, this one in oak, giving this room the perfect finishing touch. Rate range is $150-$175 adjusted seasonally.

Let's go up the front stairs next. The rooms here are named for members of the Captain's family.

Edith's room
  • 102
  • 1313
  • 243

The first is the Edith Room, named in honor of his daughter. The light fixture dates back to the Captain's time, and interestingly, it was a combination gas and electric fixture. This room comes complete with a queen-size brass bed and the bathroom has one of the original marble sinks. If you treasure sunny mornings, the Edith Room is perfect because of its eastern exposure and large windows. Having been totally restored and redecorated, it's no surprise that yellow was chosen as the predominant hue with accents of green. You may even spot a friendly frog or two--Victorian ones, of course! Rate range: $140-$165. Rates adjusted seasonally.

Sarah's room
  • 120
  • 121
  • 123

Next is the Sarah Room. This room, named in honor of the Captain's wife, has been completely restored. The queen size bed is crafted of enameled iron and adorned with delicately-painted porcelain balls. The fireplace, mantel, and tiles are all original to the house. This room is meant for a Princess and her Prince Charming. Rate range is $140 - $165. Rates adjusted seasonally.

Captains Room
Across the hall is the Captain's Quarters that has a queen sized, four-poster rice bed and the original parlor chandelier. Having been restored and redecorated in Jan. '05, this is the most regal of our guest rooms. The walls are painted a "thistle" shade with a hand-trimmed dropped border. The drop ceiling was removed and a new ceiling took its place, restoring the original height to the room.There is large steamer trunk between the two windows.This is only one of several that you'll find throughout the home. The Captain's Room has one of the original marble sinks and it boasts of a large two-room bathroom with the original foyer chandelier. Rate range: $150-$175. Rates adjusted seasonally. 
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  • 55

Now its back downstairs and up the back staircase. When the Captain lived here, this is where the maid's quarters were.

Jenny's Room
  • 573
  • 642
  • 703
  • 2231
  • 2244
  • 2272

The last room on the tour is the Jenny Room, our Anniversary Suite that's tucked in a very private part of the house up the back stairs. Take a gentle step down into this  large fairy-tale room. The 4-poster queen bed is certainly fit for a queen and her king with luxurious linens. We hope that this room goes beyond your expectations. Next to the fireplace are another three steps that lead you to the newly renovated and enlarged bathroom with these luxurious appointments: double shower enveloped in glass block, an antique clawfoot soaking tub, an antique marble-top dresser that hold two glass vessel sinks with unique waterfall faucets, a dressing table and large mirror perfect for m'lady to prepare for a night out (perhaps to Chez Francois French restaurant), cuddley bathrobes, and bath/shower amenities that are exclusive to Capt. Montague's in Ohio. Rate range is $225-$275. Rates adjusted seasonally. 

If there is anything you need or if you wish dinner reservations, just ask. We are available to address all of your needs with personal concierge services.There are several excellent choices and we will be happy to provide you with menus to review, as well as our personal recommendations. Please help yourself to any of the brochures found in the large "treasure chest" located in the foyer.  

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